The “Love Letter to Baton Rouge” The Huffington Post could not print.


Hello, damn strong and fine city that is named Baton Rouge. This is your coach, Les Miles, of the most spectacular Louisiana State University Fighting Tigers.

I read once that “Baton Rouge” means “red stick” in New Zealandish. I read that in a book, or if I read books maybe I read that. Maybe a lineman told me that pulling my leg. Literally tugging on the high to mid upper quadrant of my leg. Outstanding player, that lineman, and you can put that in the book too. 

My point is, books or game film, I love this fucking city. Excuse my language. I love this city. It’s spectacular. Sometimes I want to grab it around the waist or neck and kiss it on the mouth like a son of bitch. Excuse me again. It’s hard for me to contain my fevered passion for this town. If it is just a “red stick,” I feel like we have a stick to stone relationship. This fine city is a stick, and I’m a damn stone who’s going to be at the fine football program at LSU until you’re rubber, and I’m glue.

I’m Les Miles, and I am damn proud to smell of victory (corndog).

Have a nice day.